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Shrimp Creole

Prep Time Required: No time specified.
Cooking Time Required: No time specified.

Salt to taste 14 Cup Cooking oil
1 can Whole tomatoes 2 Cup Onions, chopped
8 Ounce can Tomato sauce 12 clove Garlic, minced
2 Cup Bell pepper, chopped 1 Pound Shrimp, medium peeled
2 Teaspoon Louisiana Hot Sauce 2 Cup water or shrimp liquid, divided


Drain whole tomatoes reserving liquid. Set aside. Heat cooking oil on medium-high fire, add garlic and sauté for 2 minutes. Add onions and bell pepper and sauté until onions turn slightly brown on the outer edges, stirring constantly. Add whole tomatoes and sauté for another 3 minutes. Add reserved tomato liquid, tomato sauce, and 1 cup of water or shrimp liquid to pot. Add hot sauce (red pepper to taste will do) and salt. Stir well. Cover and lower fire to medium-low. Simmer for 30-35 minutes stirring occasionally. Add shrimp and remaining 1 cup water or liquid. Bring to a boil for 2 minutes. Recover and simmer for 10 minutes. Serve as a main dish over hot rice with a fresh green salad on the side.

Makes about 1.5 quarts or 6 cups.

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