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Crab and Shrimp Stew

Prep Time Required: No time specified.
Cooking Time Required: No time specified.

1 Cup Flour 114 Cup Oil
10 Cup Water 2 Tablespoon Salt
10 raw crabs, cleaned 312 Cup Onions, chopped
1 Teaspoon Black pepper 2 Teaspoon Cayenne pepper
1 Cup Bell pepper, chopped 4 Cup Shrimp, raw and peeled
2 Pound Crab meat (optional) 112 Cup Green Onions, chopped
1 Teaspoon Cajun seafood seasoning  


In a large 12 quart pot on medium-high heat, heat oil until hot then add flour and stirring constantly brown flour to form the roux. The roux is done when it is the color of a tarnished penny. Add onions, bell pepper and green onions and stirring very often cook until onons are clear, about 10-15 minutes. Add water, salt, pepper, and Cajun seasoning and cook stirring occasionally for 15 minutes. Add crabs and lower heat to medium and cook for 1 hour. Take the claws off the crabs to cook them so stirring will be easier. If you want you can also remove and discard the legs but I leave them on. Skim grease from top of stew then add shrimp, stir well and cook for another half hour. Skim grease if there is any and serve over rice.

Makes 14-16 cups of gravy

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